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Team culture
Love is silent over time Mission: Integrity Services, Touching Chinese People
Spirit: sincerity, dedication, highness
Vision: Sprinkle on Earth is love
Image: Smile melts frost and love holds up tomorrow.
Business philosophy: efficiency first, cost leadership
General Manager's comments: Weak fame and fortune, look down and down
Employees' Quality: passionate dreams, honesty and portrayal of life
Employees' voice: I must be born to be useful and follow my life over time. Employees' comments: The sea is rich in diving and the sky is high. Employee Responsibility: Maintaining the company's image and presence
Interactive reflections: We are brilliant because of you. You are brilliant because of us.
Common language: Hello! Time lapse
Service features - to win time with the fine line, to contract and keeping promises for the company's lifeline.

Company Song
Beyond Trend Research Logistics,
Every time prosperity appears.
Unprecedented vast mountains,
Carols Red Globe!

Employees sing songs
You are a seed
Sprouting, rooting, ground breaking out
In remote backcountry
In the years when the land of China suffered ten years of catastrophe
Where are you silently born, silently long
Since childhood, there is a desire to
---Fight for mother's smile
Then ---
You start working hard
Ten years of silence no one asked
Wind and rain play grass heart
Winter Comes to
Green and dry, withered and green
You are so unyielding that you have a long life
And look forward to...
Hope someone can notice your presence
That's it ---
Ten spring summers later
The spring breeze blows your children and grandchildren to the Southland.
And take root in hot soil, germinate and break out...
Fertile soil, sunlight, rain shower
Make them thrive
And has a strong vitality
Also at this time
Your original intention is not to change
For the mother's smile
You have decided to change your lifestyle.
You start to be strong
Leading your millions of children
Despite the turmoil, heavy rain, yellow sand invasion
Still you
Did not fall, did not give up
Instead, with the aid of wind, with the aid of heavy rain, there is yellow sand
Going forward ---
Grow, prepare, grow, and selflessly dedicate
You decorate the land and beautify the land.
People have finally noticed your presence
At the dawn of the economic era
Start your own long-term career
Soil provides you with nutrients
The spring breeze will be your children and grandchildren
Blowing green to the north and south
Become the most beautiful scenery in a modern city
you made it!

Company likes
2008 is not trivial,
It coincides with the 10th birthday.
Feeling all the way,
Finally dreams of a beautiful dream.
Recalling past
Overtime Tiehan,
Jin Ge Tie Ma Jiangnan.
Plain Spring Thunder Waves,
Open up a new world.
See today
My company's home garden,
Enthusiasm meets the challenge.
Work together to compose new articles,
Leave another story for a while.
Think of the future
Overtime is empty,
Inheritance is not afraid of difficulties.
The future is to pick the crown,
Prosperity forever.
The 2008 Wrap Up Event on December 31, 2008

Meeting meeting
Meet once a week, ­
The heart is full of confidence. ­
The voice condenses with strength, ­
Passion always releases dreams. ­
Ericsson devotes itself to follow, ­
Dare to climb a thousand back. ­
Take the wind and beat the waves, ­
Like-minded warm heart. ­
Meet once a week, ­
Team culture shines. ­
Liver and gallbladder as if together, ­
The grand blueprints are drawn together.
Oriental Time Spring Thunder, ­
Gathering is the hope. ­
We don’t count and lose, ­
Future prosperity can still be chased. ­
Meet once a week,
Stereotypes are invalid. ­
Look at my overtime team, ­
Vigorously flying. ­
Overtime brings benefits to humans,
Hold high banner does not retreat. ­
The road is long and it is far and away, ­
Hand in hand and palace.

Dare to ask who is in the logistics

Dare to ask logistics who fights,
I like to see today overtime.
A song is blossoming,
The guests remembered in mind.
Dare to ask logistics who fights,
I like to see today overtime.
Proven Tree Brand,
Ten years of sword practice.
Dare to ask logistics who fights,
I like to see today overtime.
Planned economy boosts people,
It's like a spring breeze.
Dare to ask logistics who fights,
I like to see today overtime.
Leading customer cost cloud,
Efficiency is my first priority.
Dare to ask logistics who fights,
I like to see today overtime.
Annual salary of 100,000 in the world,
Eight Immortals over sea show supernatural!
2012 New Year's Day Gala Speech
Christmas Day New Year's Eve,
Brothers and sisters trouble triple.
A beautiful story is shared,
The flower of wealth is happy.
Annual salary of 100,000 yuan, I dream,
A cup of wintry wine speaks a thousand words.
Jiang Haixian flow color,
In the coming year, she will still hold her.
2014 New Year Message
Warm spring time and space,
Ten years grew up.
Pepsi playing triumph,
Thousands of miles together dreaming.
Everything is happy and happy,
100,000 boiled wine on heroes.
Million Blessings Welcome Spring,
Two million horses are successful.

Passion March

Pengcheng March Group Fang Fang,
The spring breeze is green.
There is no bright red flower,
Where is Qiuguo heavy?
Model strength is infinite,
Efforts to learn and develop.
Phoenix is reborn,
Dwarven maze seeks development.
Paul's adversity, will,
The gardener worked hard to give lectures.
When my generation was fighting hard,
Make an annual salary of 300,000!

The edge is you

Ren Haijun
Our days are on one side
Urban bustling
We pass by.
Hastily passing off
Once met, not met
Close at hand
Once met, not knowing each other
Who is today? Planting acacia beans between you and me
It is the spring breeze of reform.
It is a hot spot for Southland.
It's the size of the surf in Mesa.
Or the neon below the skyscraper.
We were full of blood.
Helplessness We were full of ambitions
Can rise again and again.
Only the Iraqi smile comes to the fore.
A < >Reverberation in the ear
Heart-to-heart connection connected
Love has been silent for a thousand words.
I sing for you
Your smile is the biggest love in my life
I cry for you
You are writing beautiful poems in beautiful
I bless you.
Good man's life is safe
I am high-ranking
- The reason is you
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